Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome friends!

So, kids, I am going back to blogging. With this move looming ever closer, it will provide a way for me to keep in touch with everyone during an incredibly busy time. So, without further ado....

Today was a reminder of what I am NOT going to miss about Pittsburgh. It snowed about 4 inches yesterday, then the temperature rose to just about 33 degrees. The snow turned to freezing rain. The freezing rain left a crust of ice on top of the snow and turned our 30-odd stairs (the only way to access our house) into a skating rink. The crust of ice left a big bruise on the side of my ass from where I fell on it last night while trying to walk the dogs down the icy stairs. The bruise left a big pile of resentment in my brain.

Today, we have slush! Muddy, filthy, poo-crusted slush. The Doctor sent me an IM yesterday telling me that the weather in SF was 55 degrees and sunny. For some reason that made me mad.

Growing up down south, we were never smug about our weatherly superiority to the frozen North, though at no time did I ever have to use a cigarette lighter to thaw the lock on my car door enough to get my key in. Florida and New Orleans are great from October to May; after that they become Dantean hell-circles relieved only by forays into stale-smelling air-conditioned stores and cars. Oh, and there are hurricanes.

55 degrees and sunny. 55 degrees and sunny. 55 degrees and sunny.

This is my new Californimantra.