Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update on departure day

Wow, what a day. Little Fritz has been an eating machine -- he had a few marathon nursing sessions lasting an hour each and we think he's trying to get Ilsa's milk to come in fully (which we think is starting to happen). He also slept a bunch last night and let us sleep -- and the nursery watched him for ~3 hours while he napped after one of the hour-long nursing sessions. We talked to Suzanne (Ilsa's primary care midwife during pregnancy) and she let us know that lil Fritz is a record holder -- having his cord wrapped 3 times around the neck is very rare and they don't even keep stats on it. It doesn't always come out so well, either. They also said that they checked his "cord gasses" and that he was never at risk of losing oxygen during the birth process, which is fantastic news. She also said & reiterated how awesome Ilsa was for getting him pushed out so fast -- with his heart-rate decelerations, he was a bit at risk yet just over their limit so the labor could continue. The alternative was to use the vacuum-delivery method, which has increased risks for both he & her. So -- yay! So great to talk to her; she really listened to us and our suggestions for how they could have improved our experience. He's only lost about 5% of his weight -- and they are comfortable letting him head home with us today.

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